The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret…

If you’re a little awestruck at the range of amazing options for your 2018 Caribbean getaway and in need of some holiday inspiration, you wouldn’t be the first.  Luckily for you, KANAIxo was born from a love of island culture and we’re here to help you tick the ‘where’, the ‘what’, and especially the ‘what to wear’ off your to-do list!

The Where…

Recently named no.6 in the list of Vogue’s “Top 10 places to visit in 2017”, Trinidad is a gorgeous, vibrant island. If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket booked. This excellent article provides a complete insight into a guide of the various things to do on the island.

The What…

This beautiful island is home to some of the most breath-taking scenic views and to one of the wonders of the world. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that sand and the horizon are all it has to offer. Trinidad is an undercover world full of experiences to discover and enjoy, with one that rises above the rest: Carnival!

Trini Carnival is a Big Deal™, with the 2018 event happening between 12th – 13th February. If next year should find you parading the streets of the capital (Port-of-Spain), we can guarantee you’ll be having the experience of a lifetime! And you probably won’t be alone in the revelry.

Blac Chyna and Amber Rose hit the streets of Port-of-Spain with Tribe Carnival 2017.

Although Carnival itself is only two days long, for the rest of the island it’s an entire season, with back-to-back parties and events to keep you busy for at least two weeks. Keep an eye on these reputable ticket sellers for updates on the 2018 event schedule.

The What to Wear…

To really get into the height of the spirit you’ll want to be part of a band. Trinidad carnival bands are jam-packed with fun and flavour, and the best way to participate in the islands’ festivities. Joining up will earn you a carnival costume for the day/days as well as all-inclusive drinks and food.

We have an exclusive insight to the first carnival costumes that have launched this July, and if you are still unsure about which carnival band or costume choice stay tuned for our next blog posts and review on the Top 10 best carnival costumes for Carnival 2018!

TRIBE. png
Lost Tribe

More Carnival Band Launches for Trinidad 2018 to Come! Stay Tuned

The What to Wear…

Not one but two days in the calendar to explore your inner Carnival vixen. Carnival Monday in Trinidad is indeed one of the most fashionable moments of the island, this gives YOU! Yes our reader a chance to be as adventurous with your Carnival style as possible! Masqueraders usually wear a one piece or bikini style two-piece (men usually bright shorts) with accessories! Accessorize! The most important thing to bring your look together, this includes a great makeup look to bring life to your outfit.

Carnival days (and the parties) are stacked with photographers, covering everything from the first light to the last tune. So – when you’re not decked out in resplendent feathers on Carnival Tuesday- here are a some KANAIxo style guides to keep you camera ready for Carnival Monday:

gladiator rose
Gladiator Rose
That, dear reader is the sound of your holiday stresses evaporating! You’re welcome.
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